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Improve Mental Concentration & Focus with LTO3

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Offset the Stress, Work and Sleep Deprivation Cycle

Lack of mental concentration and the inability to focus is a widespread problem for people of all ages. It can affect your work, relationships, school, and other areas of your life.  If you are suffering from this problem, you probably experience difficulty concentrating on more than one thing at a time. Perhaps you find yourself procrastinating and not able to finish a project, often changing your mind or failing to follow through with decisions. This can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, which may lead to lowered self-esteem and impaired health.

Chronic stress and lack of mental concentration is becoming a public health crisis. Surveys revealed that 44% of Americans state their stress levels have increased over the past 5 years. Surveys also revealed that stress is playing a critical role on our children’s health. One third of children surveyed state they have had a physical ailment such as headache, stomachache, struggle with falling or staying asleep.

Improving your  focus and mental concentration can lead to marked improvements in your overall health and well being. It can also enhance your work or school performance, improve your retention of information, and increase your productivity. This will help to reduce stress and anxiety and create a greater sense of calmness. It can also give you more relaxation time, since you can complete your tasks more quickly and accurately. Most importantly, you will feel better about yourself.

illustration of achieving mental concentrationHow can you accomplish this? Exercise, proper rest, and good nutrition can help you be more focused. You may also benefit from restructuring your environment, setting realistic goals, dividing your tasks into achievable portions, and giving yourself deadlines. However, for some people, these efforts alone are not enough.

Fortunately, LTO3 is now available in the US. This dietary supplement provides the brain with the nutrition it needs to concentrate and focus, and is helping many adults and children to gain the mental acuity they seek.*

LTO3 offers a unique combination of L-Theanine and Omega-3 DHA for mental concentration and focus. It naturally encourages healthy brain signals and induces relaxation without drowsiness. It may:

  • Increase mental sharpness*
  • Improve learning capacity and concentration*
  • Decrease stress and anxiety*
  • Encourage healthy brain signals, naturally*
  • Induce relaxation without drowsiness*
  • Be beneficial for attention deficiencies (such as ADD and Asperger’s Syndrome) and hyperactivity*

LTO3 with L-Theanine and Mental Concentration

LTO3 with L-Theanine from Herb-e-ConceptLTO3 contains just 3 ingredients, but they are powerfully effective for mental acuity. These are L-Theanine, Omega-3 fish oil, and the herb Scullcap.

L-THEANINE is an amino acid derived from a plant source of L-Glutamine, and it is 100% pure. L-Theanine increases the level of dopamine (the pleasure and reward neurotransmitter) and serotonin (the main inhibiting neurotransmitter) in the brain, which are both decreased in a dramatic way in stressful and overwork situations.

L-Theanine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and produces a relaxing effect on the brain. Only 30 to 40 minutes are needed to feel an increase in awakening and alertness, and improved mental and emotional states.*

L-Theanine Highlights:

  • Induces relaxation without causing drowsiness, which can be verified by an increased production of alpha waves in the brain.*
  • Studies show that it improves the brain’s concentration capacity.*
  • Increases the levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain; GABA is a neurotransmitter which helps induce relaxation and a feeling of well being.*
  • Protects the brain against neurotoxicity induced by glutamate, which is an important factor involved in degenerative diseases.*
  • Is perfect for people suffering from sleep disorders.*

OMEGA-3 DHA fatty acids play a crucial role in brain-cell development and overall support brain health. Omega3 can help improve memory, learning capacity, and the ability to concentrate in adults and children.* The Omega-3 in LTO3 is extracted from fish oil sourced from an eco-friendly fishing in United States and are the purest and the best on the market. A microencapsulation process is used to keep all the EPA and DHA locked in.

SKULLCAP is used to alleviate stress and anxiety as well as acting as a nerve tonic and is also efficient in calming child agitation and relieving nervousness, insomnia and neuralgic pain.* The upper part of the plant is used, not the root.

Other Points about LTO3

  • When you take LTO3, your body relaxes (without becoming drowsy) and your brain remains alert. LTO3’s first effect is to help with concentration, in children as well as adults.
  • In 75% of all cases, the effects of LTO3 are seen the first day. For the other 25%, it may take up to three weeks. With very difficult cases, it could take up to two months but that is extremely rare.*
  • LTO3 may be taken by children starting as young as 3 years old.*
  • The capsules can be opened and mixed with water or 100%, no sugar added, juice
achieving mental concentrationHere at Energetic Nutrition we have seen the results with our own staff and customers whom we are close to. They are most positive and have significantly impacted the quality of life for all of them. For instance, two adults with ADD have experienced tremendous improvement in their ability to focus and complete tasks. Both were easily irritated and angry when things didn’t go right, and now find that they are much more calm and not bothered by the little irritants now. They are very pleased.

Others who simply needed help concentrating on special projects, or while studying, have been pleasantly surprised that this simple supplement could improve their mental capacity and concentration so much. One woman who was on the brink of losing her job has completely turned her performance around – surprising her greatly relieved employer. Let LTO3 help you function and feel better. Only 3 capsules daily may have a profound effect upon your life.*


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