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MSM and Paractin – Building Blocks for Healthy Joints

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Essential Elements for Joint Health

Chronic agitation of soft tissues and organs of the body is the first step to aging. The body gradually loses its ability to reduce the effects of ongoing irritation to joints and bones the older we get. Everybody knows the diseases that end in “itis”: arthritis (inflammation of the joints), pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreases), colitis (inflammation of the colonic tract) tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons), etc.

If you are over 30, chances are you are beginning to have “itis” in your life more and more frequently. Early morning stiffness is one of many signs that soft tissue irritation is negatively affecting your health, and serve as a reminder that you are getting older.

Now, if these conditions go uncorrected, the body will try to stop irritation by forming fibrin around target areas in an attempt to halt it from spreading. If this happens, some people find that systemic enzymes help to break down this fibrin.

However, if excess fibrin production continues, it may lead to even greater problems or diseases ending in “osis,” which means “hardening”, such as Osteoporosis (a hardening of the bones), Atherosclerosis ( a hardening of the arteries), Multiple Sclerosis (a hardening of the nerve sheath), and others.

MSM and Paractin for Inflammation and Immune Support

joint pain reliefBenefits of MSM

To stop debilitating conditions, to live healthier, and to live longer, excessive health issues must be minimized. There are many ways to do this, but one of the easiest ways to do this is to supplement your diet with MSM.

MSM (methylsulfonyl-methane) is 34% organic sulfur. Sulfur is the 4th most abundant element in the body and is present in every cell.

However, it is found in much higher concentrations in cells that comprise the soft tissues of the body: muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, and the cartilage that cushions the bones in our joints.

The Importance of Sulfur

Sulfur is an essential component of various compounds and processes in the body, and is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, immunoglobulin, and enzymes.

In the body, sulfur gives these benefits as well:

  • Maintains cell membrane flexibility and permeability, promoting an efficient exchange of nutrients and waste products.*
  • Has an immune normalizing effect.*
  • Provides the body with raw materials needed to create new cells and to repair and replace damaged tissues and organs.*
  • Figures into energy production, as a component of insulin and a prerequisite for normal carbohydrate metabolism.*
  • Is essential in maintaining the body’s crucial acid/alkaline (pH) balance.
  • Improves the skin, hair and nails.*
  • A dosage of 2,600 mg per day was shown to significantly reduce upper and total respiratory symptoms within 7 days.*
  • MSM also reduces homocysteine levels in the body, an amino acid produced in the body from the catabolism of methionine.* Excessive levels of homocysteine are associated with heightened cardiovascular irregularities.

MSM normalizes pressure within the cells and assists in the removal of intercellular debris. It also strengthens cell membranes. Strong cellular membranes make the cells more pliable and less rigid. When cells are damaged, either through injury or through foreign microbe attack, they become inflamed.

MSM is most well known for its effectiveness in reducing discomfort, especially in the joints, muscles and connective tissues of the body. It accomplishes this not only because the sulfur is food for the cells to repair themselves, but because it also is an antioxidant that reduces free radicals and halts damage to other nearby cells and promotes a healthy inflammation response.*

The Power of Paractin

Another agent that can assist in a healthy inflammation response is Paractin. Paractin is a patented herbal extract of Andrographis paniculata; an herb indigenous to China known for its immune boosting and inflammation reduction modalities.

Paractin has been clinically shown to be effective in promoting healthy joints and supporting immune health.

Suggested Supplements

Depending on individual needs and medical practitioner recommendations, choose the MSM product that’s best for you.

Paractin MSM

Paractin MSM

Harmonic Innerprizes has combined MSM and Paractin into a single product that can help  increase the ease of movement and flexibility.*

Paractin MSM has stronger antioxidant properties than pure MSM. With the addition of Paractin, it has shown in clinical trials to increase mobility in the joints and reduce C-reactive protein. For those who want more flexibility, joint support, along with stronger hair and nails.

By taking a supplement combination of MSM and Paractin, your joints will receive the support they need to function at healthy levels.


Flexera from World NutritionFlexera full-spectrum joint formula from World Nutrition contains MSM plus other ingredients for those not sensitive/allergic to shellfish who are looking for a more comprehensive formula. It includes magnesium, vitamins B3 and B5, OptiMSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, BioCell collagen, boswella serrata, hyaluronic acid, and turmeric extract.

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